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Dear Reader,

Can you spend 7 minutes every day on yourself. Thats all you need to begin with. The difference it will make is out of proportion and it is the way to better balance in your life.

We need to move. The goal to reach 10.000 steps a day as well as many apps motivate. We monitor every minute - pulse, sleep and much more with our intelligent watches - connecting us to cyber space and others in the world. And sometimes we wonder: Are we doing things right?

Your body is a whole and it is affected by what you eat, drink, breathe, experience, think, don't think and witness and so on. 

To change you need motivation. Sometimes it comes from inside and other times from outside. Wellbeing germinates from inside. It comes from you - it is nurtured by you feeling understood and supported as the one you are.

You need to find the way to yourself - every day - check in and feel. A daily rhythm gives you peace in mind and body - a place to recharge - every day.

Your 7 minutes "You time" gives the day and your life a boost. Like a compas it sets the direction.

But how to find the motivation and inspiration every day - are you motivated by a inner fire to go for a goal or is an essential need to keep the body sain and healthy? What ever it is, you may need help to start the journey or continue it.

I am there to help you on your path and give you direction. Change is within reach, but you must want it - then you are ready and I can help you.


Contact me on 53 61 21 24 - I will call you back - or send me an email on

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