Yoga student living abroad

You can be however many kilometres from your teacher - online classes is my speciality and I will teach you any where you are. You can choose to join a class or we can arrange a one-to-one weekly session. 

One-to-one session

Package of 5 lessons 45 minutes - 

Package of 10 lessons - 45 minutes -

Group lessons

One person with access to all classes

- 1 month: 60 euro

- Trimester: 140 euro

Household - Unlimited access to all classes

- 1 month: 100 euro

- Trimester: 200 euro

Generel guide lines


Mobile pay: 53 61 21 24

Transfer: Grange Yoga

IBAN: DK4466951005158539


Paypal to

It is always possible to contact me for a payment arrangement.

Grange Yoga reseve the right to change planning and organisation with the purpose of improving your experience.