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In class

I mainly teach smaller groups. Getting to know my students with time in the practice as well as before and after class is important to provide the best environment for learning. The benefits you draw depend on your commitment and engagement to a regular practice. 

No student is identical in strength, flexibility and ability and each will need variations and adaptations of an exercise to suit his or her level. I meet the student where he and she is and help him and her to find a suitable level of practice and the balance between effort and ease in everything done on the mat. 

In a class we do standing, lying and seated postures. We do dynamic movements as well as static postures. Every asana has its specific impact on the body joints and organs. I give emphasis on teaching the technique of breathing to allow my students to benefit from the profound effects of yoga. 


Exercises that are suitable for your needs. In group practices I adapt asanas to you, teach you the basic breathing technique and the way to relaxation.

As your personal therapist and mentor in a one-to-one lesson, I offer you an individually adapted programme to your wish. That can be weekly or a one off inspiration to give you a gentle push forward on your own way. Read more about that here.

If you go by the therapy consultation you will have a programme targeting your challenges and needs and aspirations.

I teach pranayama-techniques in private classes only as it requires a thorough individual introduction to learn it correctly and responsibly. The same is the case for chant and meditation. However, every class has specific focus on training the mind with concentration and focus.

I work with students at all levels, capacities and abilities, whether you are a highly trained athlete or a person with a major chronic disease.

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