"Highly recommended teacher! Susanne is a very professional, experienced, mindful, committed and motivating yoga teacher. She enables her students in a very natural, authentic way to work on their personnel wellbeing while taking into account individual needs and capabilities. Susanne teaches a great variety of yoga elements, including breathing and very active stretching exercises and offers creative classes in a very personal and respectful atmosphere. We get to know each other in person many years ago abroad. About 2,5 years ago, I got the opportunity to join her classes online which works perfectly fine. I am always able to join Susanne's classes, even if the other students meet in person and I am the only one online." Inga from Germany

"Yoga with Susanne has been my first experience with Yoga and I can say it has been great so far! The chemistry in our group is great, we are finding mindfulness, peace, and the class still requires some athleticism. I am looking forward to my next class!"  Fred from Roskilde

" experiencing yoga sessions in Jerusalem with you was putting my life in order spiritual and physically....I was well I learnt a lot of lessons while talking with you ..... Experiencing yoga sessions virtually .... boosted my mind and body to cope with many things going around in my life" Jamileh from Jerusalem

Attention to detail, patient and always supportive, Susanne is a terrific yoga coach. From novice student to experienced yogi or for those rehabilitating from an injury, she is skilled at identifying each student's individual strengths and weaknesses, and works with each to achieve their personal goals. Sarah from US

The classes were really good, a soothing yoga practice to start the weekend more energized and centered. Karia, online from Brussels

In life, we sometimes have unique chances to work with extraordinary individuals who can help us develop. Susanne Grange is one of those extraordinary individuals. Don't let this opportunity slip away! I have studied with many yoga teachers over the last few decades and I can honestly say Susanne is the best teacher I have collaborated with. She is able to teach yoga on many different levels, always encouraging her students to achieve wellness through movement, breathing, and intention. While providing variety and novelty, she is open to individual requests. In addition, she has skills in other aspects of wellness such as nutrition. I highly recommend her for collaboration on your personal/community development journey! Tim from US