You are always in perfect shape for yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is a unique training method that takes your whole system into account. With very limited time you can change the state of your health. Take this opportunity and become independent and be your own trainer. I am there to coach you and inspiration and wellbeing will spring from your own source.

Contact me with your questions and doubts. Write an email to or send me an sms on 53 61 21 24 and I will get in touch. Son't worry if you live far, I have experience with online teacher of expats etc.   

Yoga therapy has developed out of viniyoga, which is a hatha yoga style adapting each you technique to the individual student. Vini yoga means: 

"Yoga which is suited to the student that practice it and that is applied in steps."

Free quote from the yoga sutra chapter III.6: "tasya bhumisu biniyogah"