Susanne Bang Grange, yoga therapist and teacher  

Let me guide you on to balance in body and mind.

         Professional background

I am Yoga Therapist and teacher. I have been trained by teachers from France and India who have been taught directly from Sri Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikashar who are specialists in yoga, yoga therapy and ayurveda. I have an in-depth knowledge of the technique and body impact of more than 60 of the most common classical yoga postures. I am trained to adapt each exercise to the individual student. 

Teaching yoga

Teaching yoga is a craftmanship and an art, which is learned partly by self study and practice and partly as one is being trained by teachers. My intention is always to let my students grow while doing yoga and empower them to continue the process no matter if we meet one or a hundred times.

The goal for my work

My goal is to inspire and motivate you to find room and time to study, learn and practice to develop yourself. The best start you can give yourself is physical activity BUT that is not enough. To develop yourself you need to work at the deeper levels too. 

Yoga is a perfect tool to do all at once working with your physical and mental strength follow a path of personal development in relation to your self and the world around you. I aspire to inspire my students to engage and commit themselves to practice sufficiently everyday because we know that the repetition will increase the outcome by many times.

I continuously seek to uplift you as my student physically and mentally and awaken you to be able to live consciously in your life and in the world. I am devoted to help you to develop a peaceful, loving relation to yourself with balance on the inside and the outside. 

What yoga is for me?

Yoga is a source of stability for me. It gives me calm, reason, motivation, clarity, direction, orientation, challenges, strength, inspiration, care and love. I feel great respect for the spill over effects of my daily practice in terms of physical and mental strength and clarity and freedom of mind and thought. 

Continuos learning

I am continuously developing my skills and teaching. I participate in regular sat sangas with my Indian teacher and take part in a study group of teacher with whom I spend more than four years of studies. This work is indeed enriching my students and their own development.