Laughter yoga


Madan Katari, 1995, India! The inventer of laughter yoga.

When you practice laugther yoga keep in mind the physical benefits and let it motivate you. 

Physical benefits associated with laughter, especially with laughter done on a consistent basis for thirty minutes to one hour a day. These benefits include:

  • A higher release of endorphins: Laughter has been proven to encourage the release of endorphins, which are feel good opiates that carry signals of attachment and bonding to your brain. They also create a happier state of mind and boost your sense of self-worth and optimism.
  • Improved circulation to your lymphatic system: Deep laughter involving deep inhales and exhales can help to ensure your major organs are fully oxygenated, giving you big bursts of energy and release. It can also massage your lymphatic system and promote better circulation to your digestive and lymphatic systems.
  • A stronger immune system: Better circulation can also boost your immune system and increase the amount of anti-viral and anti-infection cells in your body.
  • A healthier cardiovascular system: Laughter can help to lower your blood pressure and your pulse rates, ensuring your cardiovascular system is functioning properly.
  • A form of catharsis and stress relief: Laughter is also a known form of catharsis and release, helping to release blocked emotions, mental issues, and any depression or anger. Laughter can function as a nonviolent way to release heavy emotions you may be carrying that could be detrimental to your health.