Exercise to get you started


The first step is always the hardest. It takes a while, many say 21 is the magic number, to change a habbit, get a new one - to change.

Take a moment to reflect on the following:

What motivates me to move my body?

The bad conscience? Aches and pains? A need? An obligation? The reward? A wish?

What makes me take the step to move?

A particular exercise to start with? A membership in the gym? A weekly group lesson? Paying up front? A fixed running date with a friend? Videos? A reminder in the phone? A social media reminder? An app? A newsletter you have subscribed to? A book at your bed side or in the toilet? A routine (no need to think, just do it)?

Task: Next time you go from one place to another, think about these two questions. When you have the answers, write them down and use them to trick your mind into a change; a new routine; a new habit.

Did you know that:

- You learn best when you are a little out of your comfort zone! So don´t be scared.

- Move out in nature - be outside - it heightens your level of energy and your level of endorphines .... happy happy happy and well-being.


What is your favorite quote?

Whi is your idol, a person you admire? Think about it and find a few of his or her quotes. Read it every day. Use its power to move forward. To be inspired.