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Every week there is yoga at Musicon. Remember to sign up to be sure to have a place.

Thursday at 6.30-7.45 pm                                       Strength and concentration

Saturday at 8.30-9.45 am                                        Strength, concentration and perseverance. 

Yoga instructor Susanne Bang Grange , instructs Viniyoga and every exercise is adapted to your level and you are strengthened and supported in your body and mindBring your own mat and blanket.

Three main features of Viniyoga:

- We prioritise function over shape. We can achieve the same effect from a posture even though it is modified slightly.
- We repeat a posture and some times we hold it for longer (2-5/6 breaths) depending on your level.
- Every session is build up as a vinyasa, where one exercise is building harmonically on the previous exercise.

The students are provided with different options.

You can sign up with Susanne on or by sms 53612124.

Price: 100 kr.

or discount card:
4 times = 340 kr.
10 times = 750 kr.

Discount for students.
Bank transfer (information upon signing up) or MobilePay 53612124